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Quality Control and Research and Development

Quality Control and Research and Development

Casting Material Control

We apply our system where we actually use materials after a third party finishes the inspection of materials beginning from the main ones of pig iron, steel, and the sand used for melting or casting up to subsidiary materials, such as the various alloys and facings to check whether the mill sheets submitted by the materials manufacturer are correct and for chemical analyses to ensure that no element or component that could affect quality is present. These analyses are periodically applied not only to newly adopted materials but also those used for many years.

Molten iron component control

The component analyses of molten iron prior to casting by quantvac and a CE meter are the first step in quality assurance for cast iron products. In both the Wakayama and China plants of our company, the component analyses prior to casting by quantvac and the CE meter are applied to all charges of materials melted by electric furnaces, and the analysis results and daily melting records are controlled in our database. In addition, analysis instruments, analysis software, calibration curves, standard samples, and analysis procedures are integrated so that both of our two plants always achieve stable analysis results.

Casting Temperature and Casting Time Control

Even if the component of a material is properly controlled, the quality varies depending on the casting condition. Our company measures the casting temperature and time of all products. The expertise acquired by accumulating techniques originally relying on worker's intuition as data that can be shared by all members is reflected in every casting system plan to produce the motive power for casting technology innovation.

Pattern Shop

In our plant site, we have a casting pattern manufacturing factory where we manufacture all casting patterns. (Only in the China Plant) Thus, a significant reduction in the lead time from drawing issue to delivery to the customer is realized. In 1999, we started the export of casting patterns to Japan.

Mechanical Testing

In our plant, we perform inspections using the tensile testing machine, Brinell hardness tester, portable hardness testers, microscopes, ultrasonic tester, and other instruments to guarantee the material quality of each product. Moreover, in the China Plant, test pieces are separately sampled from each melting furnace charge for a mechanical examination. The test results are entered in our databases in the China and Wakayama plants to create a system enabling quick action in an emergency.

Microphotographs of the main materials manufactured by our company are shown.

Research and Development

Our company provides new raw materials, including LEM-CAST Low Expansion Metal - cast iron, VA-CAST high damping capacity cast iron parts, the fine graphite cast iron YFG series, ET-N, etc., which was developed by applying alloy casting technology accumulated over many years.

For further information on our proprietary standard raw materials, please access the following pages:


We think that the future value of foundry shop is determined depending on whether it can provide not only raw materials for cast iron but also machining and assembly in a location closer to the customers. Our China Plant operates 24 hours per day with approx. 30 employees to machine various products. The Wakayama Plant is a cooperative company with many multi-skilled workers for machining. About 60% of all products are machined prior to shipping.

Customer Service

Strict quality control is an important factor from the viewpoint of excellent customer services. Our products will be provided based on the extensive experience acquired from manufacturing for many years, daily accumulated quality control expertise, and high-quality services based on the corporate concept that "Our company focuses on the service business for customers."