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China Plant (Xinxiang Yukawa)

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Xinxiang Yukawa was established in Xinxiang-shi, Henan-sheng, China, as the second plant of Yukawa Iron Casting Works Co., Ltd., in 1995. This plant has the company policy that they provide products with quality higher than that of products manufactured in Japan to expand business. They can meet every need of customers using the comprehensive manufacturing system including processes from pattern manufacturing to machining. We moved to a new plant in 2010 and attained ISO 9001 Certification in 2013. Further improvement in quality is continuously targeted using the latest equipment and systems.


Outline of Plant

Site area 80000m2
Building area 26000m2
Number of employees 200 (as of September 2011)
Molding method Furan molding
Production capacity 1000t, maximum unit weight 13t

Foundry Shop

High frequency induction furnaces (Fuji Electric) 5t and 7t (1set each)
Continuous Mixer 10t (1set)
5t (6sets)
Sand processing line 5t and 10t (1set each)
Electric annealing furnace 400kw (2sets)
Hanger type shot blast 16t and 10t (1set each)
CE meter (made in Japan) 1set
Quantvac (Shimadzu Corporation) 1set
Amsler tensile testing machine maximum load 60t (1set)
Brinell hardness tester 1set
Shore hardness tester 3sets
Portable hardness tester (echo tip) 1set
Microscope maximum x 400 (1set)
Ultrasonic detector 1set
High frequency induction furnaces (for research and development of materials) 50kg (1set)

Machining Shop

Planomiller (Table: 2000 x 6000) 2sets
Horizontal boring machine 2sets
Radial boring machine 1set
Lathe 1set
Vertical lathe 3sets
5-surface finishing machines (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) 2sets (MVR32/36A)
NC horizontal boring and milling machine (Nisshin Koki) 1set (BP130/3.5)

Pattern Shop

Woodworking machine 1set
NC die sinking machine 1set

Access Map

Approx. 1.5 hours by car from Zhengzhou International Airport

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China Plant (Xinxiang Yukawa)