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Wakayama Plant

Wakayama Plant

Since its establishment in 1891, the Wakayama Plant has always handled changes in the era to provide cast iron products to many industrial fields. Currently a variety of alloy casting technology accumulated since its start in 1980 is fully employed to provide not only cast iron raw materials but also cast iron products as materials with the functions of heat resistance, wear resistance, low expansion, and vibration absorption. The roots of Yukawa Iron Casting Works that considers the needs of customers and contributes to their prosperity exists today in the Wakayama Plant.

Outline of Plant

Site area 3732m2
Building area 2600m2
Number of employees 30 (as of September 2011)
Molding method Furan molding
Production capacity 200t, maximum unit weight 4t

Main Facilities

High frequency induction furnaces
(Fuji Electric)
4t and 1t (1set each)
Continuous Mixers 10t and 5t (1set each)
Sand processing line 10t (1set)
Gas heat treatment furnace 2m x 2.5m x 4m (1set)
Table type shot blast 5t (1set)
CE meter 1set
Quantvac (Shimadzu Corporation) 1set
Amsler's tensile testing machine maximum load 10t (1set)
Brinell hardness tester 1set
Portable hardness tester (echo tip) 1set
Metallographic microscope maximum x 1000(1set)
maximum x 400(2sets)

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Wakayama Plant
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